Reserving the Mountain House

To apply for your Mountain House stay, up to one year in advance, a party member must be identified as the Responsible Member and select one of the following options:

  • Engage a guide through Alpine Ascents International, Inc.
  • Confirm that the “Responsible Member” of the party has a climbing or backcountry resume that clearly demonstrates a capability to minimize risks while enjoying the Mountain House
  • Execute an agreement to remain within the privately held acreage surrounding the Mountain House for the duration of a stay

To book your stay, follow these steps (all forms are linked below and can be completed online without any special software):

  1. Submit a Reservation Request via the Booking Calendar
  2. Each party must select a Responsible Member. The Responsible Member must read, complete, and return a Group Reservation form, at least one Individual Information form, and attach a backcountry and/or climbing resume, if available.

** Some users are reporting compatibility issues with some internet browsers. We recommend using Chrome, Firefox, or any Mobile device to complete this form. If you still have issues processing this form, please Contact Us.

If your party is accepted then any party member having not provided a completed Individual Information form must do so and every party member must execute a Participant Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims, Assumption of Risks and Indemnity Agreement form, as well as Briefing Guide, the day of departure to the Mountain House. The form and Briefing Guide will be emailed to the Responsible Member to be further distributed to party members after a reservation is confirmed. Additional copies of the form and Briefing Guide will be available at K2 Aviation.

What’s Next?

After completing these steps, your Booking Request will be reviewed by the Mountain House and will either be approved or you will be asked to provide additional information.

Once approved, you will be sent a link to pay for your stay at the Mountain House. You must complete payment for your stay within 30 days of extension of the link, or your reservation may be subject to cancellation. Payments are processed by PayPal and can be paid via Credit Card or Bank Account (ACH).

We wish you well with your trip preparation!

For any other questions, contact Kate Sheldon at (907) 854-7007.

Travel Insurance

We recommend that you purchase travel insurance immediately after paying your deposit. This special insurance may cover costs if you are unable to join your party due to personal emergency, personal or family medical reasons, or if a party is canceled for reasons beyond our control. It may also cover evacuation and medical expenses in the result of illness or injury. The Mountain House is not responsible for costs associated with canceled enrollment, programs that cancel for reasons beyond the our control, or evacuations from the mountains. Check with your travel agent for more policies or try Travel Guard.

Please Note Your Responsibilities

1) All persons traveling to or using the Mountain House will be required to follow the policies and procedures of Mountain House, LLC and of the guides that have access to the Mountain House. 2) All persons traveling to or using the Mountain House will be required to sign a Participant Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims, Assumption of Risks and Indemnity Agreement in favor of Mountain House, LLC, and Briefing Guide, before departing to the Mountain House. 3) Each person traveling to or using the Mountain House agrees and acknowledges when they sign up to stay at the Mountain House that they have primary responsibility for their own safety and they are agreeing they are ULTIMATELY RESPONSIBLE for their own safety during travel to or use of the Mountain House.