The Mountain House is Not for Everyone!

Most people experienced in wilderness environments see the Mountain House as a charming and unique structure in a truly spectacular setting. Others may view it as a rough hut on primitive terrain in an unfriendly climate. The Mountain House is suitable for the adventurous spirit who can live comfortably without any modern conveniences and take care of themselves without a guide. YOU MUST BE PHYSICALLY FIT AND MENTALLY FLEXIBLE.


The Mountain House is located on a rock outcrop with steep sides that drop to the glacier below. Crevasses have been known to form near the Mountain House. While no crevasses have posed any serious problems for nearly 50 years, it is important that visitors be aware of their existence. The route to the Mountain House from the landing strip can become soft and “punchy” and it is recommended that everyone use snowshoes or skis with skins to access the Mountain House.

The possibility exists of being weathered-in. YOU SHOULD RECONSIDER RESERVING THE MOUNTAIN HOUSE IF YOU HAVE AN IMPORTANT COMMITMENT TO KEEP FOLLOWING YOUR PLANNED STAY. Likewise, if you are on medication you should take an extra supply in case of delays. Aircraft scenic flights can be contacted on the glacier on good weather days, but on bad weather days no one will fly. You may want to consider renting a satellite phone, but even satellite phone reception can be unreliable.

For all the preceding reasons it is necessary for visitors to possess a reasonable degree of outdoor experience and self-sufficient savvy. It is not recommended that children travel to the Mountain House. Staying at the Mountain House is unique and rugged when compared with most other conventional outdoor locations and CERTAIN RISKS CANNOT BE ELIMINATED WITHOUT DESTROYING THE UNIQUE CHARACTER OF THE PROPERTY.

We wish you well with your trip preparation!

Please Note Your Responsibilities

1) All persons traveling to or using the Mountain House will be required to follow the policies and procedures of Mountain House, LLC and of the guides that have access to the Mountain House. 2) All persons traveling to or using the Mountain House will be required to sign a Participant Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims, Assumption of Risks and Indemnity Agreement in favor of Mountain House, LLC, and Briefing Guide, before departing to the Mountain House. 3) Each person traveling to or using the Mountain House agrees and acknowledges when they sign up to stay at the Mountain House that they have primary responsibility for their own safety and they are agreeing they are ULTIMATELY RESPONSIBLE for their own safety during travel to or use of the Mountain House.